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Free Delivery:  Every order exceeding $2,000 will be delivered free to your location.  Orders below $2,000 will be charged a low delivery fee not to exceed $70.

Minimum Order:  None.

Sales and Use Tax:  If you are located in Florida, Texas, or Tennessee, we are required to charge your program sales tax unless you can provide us with acceptable documentation as to why your program should be exempt.   

Ordering Process:

When you're ready to place your order, PaperFunds will provide you with an excel based form (or PDF if you don't use excel) which you can use to tally your individual orders and place your order with PaperFunds.

Once you've entered all your orders you keep your profits and send us a check for your discounted prices (indicated below).  We will then process your order and deliver your products to you about 3 weeks after you have placed your order.

You can also click PPF Program Overview for a printable list of products, prices, and program overview.


A Boardwalk Bathroom Tissue

2-ply, 500 sheets/roll

96 rolls/case

100% Recycled Content

$42 $31.50 $10.50 (25%)
B Charmin Basic Big Roll, 1-Ply, White, 264 Sheets Per Roll 20 Rolls/Pack $20 $16.00 $4.00 (20%)
C Kleenex Facial Tissue

White, 2-ply, 125 sheets/box

12 boxes/case $26 $20.80 $5.20 (20%)
D Boardwalk Paper Towel

2-ply, 85 sheet/roll

30 rolls/case $32 $24.00 $8.00 (25%)
E Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towel

2-ply, white, 70 sheets/roll

8 rolls/Pack $17 $13.60 $3.40 (20%)
F Glad Drawstring Large Trash Bags

30 Gallon, black

90 bags/box $25 $20.00 $5.00 (20%)
G Glad ForceFlex Kitchen Trash Bags

Tall, 13 Gallon white, drawstring

100 bags/box $21 $16.80 $4.20 (20%)
H Palmolive VALUE SIZE Dishwashing liquid. Includes four 90oz bottles 4 Bottles/Case $35 $26.25 $8.75 (25%)
I Arm & Hammer Dual HE Clean-Burst

Liquid Laundry Detergent, 210 oz

2 bottles/case $36 $27.00 $9.00 (25%)
J Arm & Hammer Essentials Dryer Sheets, Mountain Rain, 144 Sheets/Box 6 Boxes/Carton $34 $25.50 $8.50 (25%)
K Duracell Procell AAA 24 Batteries $14 $8.40 $5.60 (40%)
L Duracell Procell AA 24 Batteries $14 $8.40 $5.60 (40%)
M Ultra Palmolive eco+ Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Gel, Lemon, 75oz Bottle 6 Bottles/Carton $34 $27.20 $6.80 (20%)
N Boardwalk Ziplock Sandwich Bags 500 bags/box $16 $11.20 $4.80 (30%)
O Boardwalk Ziplock Gallon Bags 250 bags/box $30 $21.00 $9.00 (30%)
BFB Duracell Procell 9-Volt 12 Batteries $24 $14.40 $9.60 (40%)
BFB Duracell Procell C 12 Batteries $18 $10.80 $7.20 (40%)
BFB Duracell Procell D 12 Batteries $18 $10.80 $7.20 (40%)
BFB BATTERY BUNDLE 1 EA. ALL BATT $84 $52.80 $31.20 (37%)
X Economy Bundle A, D, I, N $124 $93.70 $30.30 (24%)
Y Brand Name Bundle B, C, E, G, H, K $130 $101.85 $28.15 (22%)
Z Kitchen Sink Bundle B thru O (no D) $316 $224.75 $91.25 (29%)
  ALL OTHER PRODUCTS ONLINE   15% direct to customer, 20% bulk delivered


***Please note that pricing is subject to change up until your program start date. Pricing will only change in the event of a significant price increase from the manufacturers out of our control.  We will notify you immediately if there is any need for pricing changes. This is a rare event.


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Delivery Location for Your Products.  Please include name and description of school, rec center, church, parking lot, etc.  Please let us know if you have a loading dock, fork lift, etc. Any location that can accommodate the entry and exit of a 53-foot truck is fine and fork lifts or loading docks are not required.  If you have any other special requirements, please indicate them here.:  


Please check the boxes below for any customized program elements you'd like to use in your program.  Unless otherwise noted, PaperFunds will design, print, and ship these to you free of charge.  (PaperFunds reserves the right to restrict the production of banners and other materials to larger groups with appropriate locations to display them).


CUSTOMIZED 3X6' INDOOR/OUTDOOR BANNER. For groups with a high visibility location (ex. school fence or hallway or sports field). Please see the example below.


Help Spread the Word with our Free Fundraising Banners

We can customize your banner based on the information you've provided, but if there's anything specific you'd like on it please include it here.  Examples include, "Samples and Order Forms in the Front Office" or "Please contact to place an order"  Be sure to use text that will be relevant for repeat fundraisers!  You will be able to attach your logo file at the bottom of this page:

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Fundraising Cover Letter

Free Customized Fundraising Cover Letter

If you would like a customized cover letter created, please fill out the following fields.  Please also be sure to upload a copy of your logo or tell us where to find it if you'd like it worked into the letter.:

Make Checks Payable to:

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Contact for Questions (i.e. Sami at 555-555-5555 or

Incentives Offered (i.e. $20 gift certificate to top 3 sellers, pizza party to top selling class, prize raffle, Dress down pass, etc.): 

If you have a logo or other file that you'd like us to use in the customization of your materials, please upload it here or email it to  



Please take a moment to let us know how you heard about PaperFunds.  Your response will help us to grow the program. Thanks!


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